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sand and gravel

Sand, Sand and Gravel and Sub-base Stone

You can purchase sand, sand & gravel, sub base stone and even top soil from Alderminster Firewood. The sand comes in a variety of types including sharp sand, building sand, and a sand gravel mix for concrete.

Whilst the sand is mainly used in building related projects the sand & gravel is suitable for a wide range of uses in garden and landscaping projects where it can be used to help improve drainage or strengthen walking surfaces by mixing it with other materials or adding it as a porous filler. It can be used for patios and walkways, in drainage systems, foundations and as a landscaping material.

If you are building a driveway the sub base stone is used to spread the load and prevent channeling and settlement and as an aid to drainage.

Projects that you might need sand for include:

  • Building
  • Concreting
  • Screeding
  • Walkway construction
  • Paving
  • Horticultural

Sand & Gravel and Sub Base applications:

  • Drainage
  • Pipe bedding
  • Filter media
  • Decorative walkways
  • Concrete
  • Driveways

Top Soil

top soil

If you have a garden project then why not purchase your top soil from us. It is ideal for lawn dressing, filling containers or raised beds and will provide the ideal medium for your plants to set and expand their roots. The soil is organic, free from weeds and sourced in the UK.

Things to consider before ordering topsoil: