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Alderminster Firewood is a local firewood supplier for Stratford-upon-Avon district and surrounding towns and villages. (click for large map)


Delivery Area Map

delivery area map

You can have oak, ash, beech or sycamore locally seasoned hardwood logs or ash kiln dried hardwood logs for your log burner, open fire fireplace or chimnea. The firewood can be delivered to your door or just pop in and collect the logs when you need them. No matter where or when you burn your logs you’ll find our firewood for sale at competitive prices. All of our firewood logs are split lengthways to ensure better burning and sawn to length. You can specify the length so that they will fit your purpose.

Our firewood logs:

To burn well and produce maximum heat firewood needs to be low in moisture. Burning wood with a high moisture content produces water vapour and a low heat level so that the sap is not burnt. This causes a build-up in the burner and flue, affecting performance and potentially causing fires in the chimney.
Low moisture content firewood burns cleanly and therefore reduces the build-up of unwanted deposits in the flue.

Seasoned Firewood is so called because it is allowed to dry naturally over time resulting in a moisture content of less than 25%. The wood is split to aid natural drying and stacked for 12 months.

Kiln Dried Firewood, as its name implies, is dried in a kiln using dry air at high temperature which typically kills all the fungi and insects in the wood. The process is fully controlled and so lower moisture content can be achieved and guaranteed.

You can have oak, ash, beech or sycamore locally seasoned hardwood logs or ash kiln dried hardwood logs.

You can have your firewood logs in a variety of amounts. They come in medium and large nets, crates or cubic metre pallets and if you need a specific length to suit your fire then let us know.

Deliveries are free within a 5 mile radius. Please phone for charges outside this area.